That Grape Juice Interviews LaTavia Roberson

As a founding member of Destiny’s Child, LaTavia Roberson‘s run in the group saw her reach global superstardom alongside band mates LeToya Luckett, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland by way of music and visuals that elevated them to levels beyond those reached by the En Vogue‘s and TLC‘s of the world.

Much has changed since we were first introduced to Roberson in 1997.

What success means for her now?

I’ve discovered that a peace of mind is more important than anything. Being here, being a source of positivity and light in the world, and loving me for who I am…that’s my definition of success.

That Grape Juice spoke with LaTavia after she completed a conversation with the editors of her autobiography, I Am LaTavia.’ Due in the spring of 2017, the project is in the final stages of the editing process marking an exciting time for the 35-year-old business woman and her team.
All of this is a dream come true. When I  was 15 I decided I wanted  to write a book and seeing it all come together twenty years later is a blessing. The editors are excited about it, so today’s a good day.
In 2007, seven years after her contentious departure from Destiny’s Child caused her to suffer from writer’s block, the entertainer returned to work on the book with one goal in mind…transparency.
 I’d been so silent for ten years and I knew I had to be transparent with the people who have been following my journey. That meant giving them the good bad and the ugly and telling the truth about everything. It starts from my childhood and concludes with my pregnancy. I started writing again in 2007 but got writer’s block for four years. I now know that I had to go through some things and understand them before articulating them. Now it’s almost ready and I couldn’t be happier.
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People Magazine Reveals ‘I Am LaTavia’ Book Cover with Interview

In her interview with PEOPLE, she made it clear that she never left the group: “Who would leave Destiny’s Child? That’s crazy! I was dismissed from the group. It was very difficult because of the way that I found out about it. I hate even talking about it, and it’s been 20 years — but it is what it is. We saw the ‘Say My Name’ video on TV, and that’s how I found out I was no longer in the group.”

In this exclusive interview with PEOPLE, LaTavia opens up about her miscarriage for the first time. 

“I have two daughters. Even in the death of my second daughter, her spirit has guided me to stay true to who I am, to be a lot more ambitious, to take more risks,” adds the singer and reality TV personality, who will release her first memoir, I Am LaTavia, in the spring of 2017. “Her spirit has definitely given me a different meaning on what it is to have life.”

Her book entitled ‘I Am LaTavia’ is set to release spring of 2017 and covers everything from the music to motherhood to her struggle with drugs and alcohol and how she overcame. This book will give LaTavia the platform to share her story 15 years later.

“I am so proud of this book. I finally, after all these years, have been able to get to completion. I had writers block for 4 years and now I can truly say this is my love letter to my Lovers.”

Catch the full interview in PEOPLE on newsstands Friday, December 30th, 2016.

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For LaTavia Roberson press inquiries, please contact Michael D. Monroe at or 850-382-3772.